Saturday, November 29, 2008

rash resolved

Well Nana Jacquie and Papa Greg are still watching Reese and my lil dog Princeton. I will be off tomorrow and do not need a sitter! YEAH! So today Reese helped nana do her chores and then they went to Alison's house to watch the Texas Tech game. She took a short nap over there and saw her cousin Hunter. The good news is Reese is RASH free, her hand foot and mouth disease is all cleared up! I am so happy about that... But last night she acted like she was still hurting, she would not go to sleep... I tried tylenol 0.8 ml, walking her around, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, baby massage, tv, playtime, ect. Finally around 1 am she went to bed. She got up a few times in the night. Then at 7:30 am she wanted to play and I was just so tired... luckily nana came into the guest room and took Reese to play! Reese loves to sit up and play now, she also liked playing with plastic spoons today!!! Nana lets Reese play with anything she wants to play with. Chris gets home from hunting tommorrow.. and Haley! Chris is having a fun time at the deer lease with his dad, brother, cousin, ect. He said Haley is being a very good dog, so she can go to the deer lease again.

south park

I just meet the editor of South Park! He was really cool! I do not really watch the show, I actually don't think I have ever seen it... BUT it was still cool. He goes back to LA on Tuesday. Oh the fun times in Pearland!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Reese is with her nana and papa again today while I am at work and Chris is at the deer lease. She got to see her uncle Nate today and cousin Hunter. Then she just hung out at the house and watched nana do chores. She watched her baby einstein for 30 minutes straight. She slept 12 hours last night minus the 5 minutes I fed her at 3am. So yeah for Reese! I am staying at my mom's house untill Sunday when Chris and Haley return. This way I can see Reese at night and in the morning before I go back to work. I am going to have to pick up alot of shifts due to my trip to vegas and my love for online shopping.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

reese's 1st thanksgiving

Reese is with her nana and papa today for Thanksgiving! I am working at frist choice er and her dad is at the deer lease with our lab Haley. We celebrated last night with the whole family. It was very good food and family time. Reese had her stage one pears and peas. We mix them with baby cereal and heat up for 10 seconds. Reese is very excited that Aunt Erin is pregnant with her first baby. We will find out the sex on December 13th in Austin, Texas. Reese is quite the little traveler... she has been to Dallas and Vegas! Reese is able to sit alone! She is very strong for her age, but rolling over is still hard for her. She loves to kiss and reach for things. Her two dogs make her laugh the most. I am very thankful for my beautiful baby, and hope all of yall have a great Thanksgiving. I will post pictures very soon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I had to babysit Hunter today and Reese has a contagious infection. I was very careful with the two babies, they did not play together. I pray my little nephew does not get foot and mouth disease!


Well Reese has been to the ER two times in her 4 months of life. This time she broke out in a rash on her feet and her hands, also some on her face, stomach, ect. My friend Mary Kathryn was watching her while I was working in the ER in Lake Jackson. When I got home I took her to the ER in Pearland. The doctor said it was foot and mouth infection. It is a viral infection so no treatments are available. It has to run it's course. I feel so sad for my baby. She is doing well though.

3 nights in Vegas

The trip was so much fun! We all lost some money and made some money! We stayed at the Mirage. The grandparents saw Jay Leno. We ate at many fun restaurants! Reese can not wait to go back. The dogs stayed home and our sweet neighbors watched them!

viva las vegaswell

I surprised Chris with a trip to Las Vegas on Thursday, he had no clue! During the day on thursday Reese and I packed for the family of 3! Then at 2:45 our driver pulled up to the house. Chris could not believe his eyes... and off we went to catch our 5:25 flight to Vegas. The other surprise was that Alison, Nathan, Hunter, Nana, Papa, Linda, and Dick were all going with us! Reese enjoyed her first plane ride!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

reese loves her new hat from aunt alison
hunter and reese love the lil gym..
mom i think i like my milk better than this!!!
sweet potatoes
eating at a mexican restaurant- don pico's

reese started to eat cereal and some baby food! she is not sure of what to think! here are some pics!

Monday, November 17, 2008

daddy's football game in freeport! reese's first varsity game

reese and hunter love my starbucks cup!!!
reese is at her 4 month check up! she goes to dr.injac in houston!
So I called to check on Reese and her babysitter (my friend alli) said they just got home from the zoo. Reese had her first trip to the zoo and now she is passed out! She is so lucky to have such a fun babysitter! Tomorrow she will be with Hunter and her Aunt Alison. They will be going to Mother's Day out from 9:00-they call us!!! Hunter and Reese are new at the whole Mother's Day out thing. The teacher has to call me to come get them every time! I hate working and being away from Reese, but I know she is in great hands! She also has her nana and her Mary Kathryn as well! Reese is a lucky girl!

reese is growing so big

hey! so i put some pictures of reese on the site today! they are from the last few months when i did not have a blog yet. she is 4 months old and she is a happy baby! she loves to eat, when i am making her bottle she will reach for it and cry if i take it away from her. she did start eating some cereal last week. she is not to sure of that! she drinks water sometimes and seems to like it! i worked this weekend and she had date night with daddy two nights in a row. they had tai food one night (well not reese). chris said reese loves to talk with the waitresses. today she is with allison mclarty my highschool friend. i am at work again. she loves allison and chad and should have a fun day. dad will get her around 4:00. reese is able to sit up and reach for things..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

oct 31, 2008 reese's first halloween
she went to the lil gym for a party and then we went trick or treating with some neighbors.. daddy had a football game so he was unable to play with us! aunt alison bought hunter and reese cute hallween outfits, they were both sock monkeys!!! i still am trying to figue out this blob thing so bare with me... some of my pics are small and some are not rotated!!! and it is all out of order...

Lilypie 1st Birthday PicLilypie 1st Birthday Ticker
Reese loves to stand up with my help, she is very strong! She is in the 90 percentile for height, weight, and head circumference!

i can sit!

hunter and reese in there matching elephant outfits!!! so cute.... hunter is 6 months and reese is 4 months old!

8 weeks old.. no blog at this time, so it is all out of order
daddy and reese looking at the new garden. chris loves to garden and is growing all kinds of stuff!!! our dog haley sometimes gets into the garden and digs in it, not good! reese helps daddy water the vegtables! so cute...
aunt alison got me this cute hat!!!! i love when aunt alison babysits me!

3 months old! i can sit and laugh.. not able to roll over on my own yet! i started gymnastics at the lil gym! it is so fun, my teacher is mrs. alison and Hunter joined last week. It is called the bug class!

2 months old

1 month old

nov 2008

hey! i am trying to start my blog today!

nov 2008

hey! i am trying to start my blog today!