Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dallas Trip

Chris and I are going to Stoney LaRue for date night! Yeah that should be fun!
On our Dallas trip we have my dear friend Meredith's baby shower, a date night, family fun time, and my aunts surgery. She has squamous cell carcinoma, and her surgery is called pelvic exenteration a radial surgery that removes all organs from the pelvic cavity. Please say prayers for a safe trip and for my aunt!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We arrived to San Antonio Sunday at 12:00 and the SeaWorld adventure began. We went to the Shamu Theater for a show called Believe! We also saw the Beluga Whale show, after that we went to the Bay of Play (splash pad). Corbin climbed a rope net that was like 20 feet high, he is one strong 13 month old. Reese rode the shamu express roller coaster, and she enjoyed an Azul ice cream treat. We were so hot we had to go to the hotel for the night. The kids loved the hotel and had a blast at the pool. In the am back to SeaWorld. To start the day we fed the dolphin's at Dolphin Cove. Reese and Corbin didn't want to leave the dolphins. The sea star theater had a nice 4d movie, Reese loved it! The sharks, penguin encounter, alligator alley, the eels, and turtles were fun to see! Then we went to a show called The Cannery Row, it was about sea lions! All in all it was a GREAT vacation and the kids want to go back. I need a year to recover, lol. All the walking, the heat, the packing, ect. Anyone want to go with us next year?

Friday, June 3, 2011


chris is off for the summer! yeah!!!!
Let the fun begin!