Saturday, November 29, 2008

rash resolved

Well Nana Jacquie and Papa Greg are still watching Reese and my lil dog Princeton. I will be off tomorrow and do not need a sitter! YEAH! So today Reese helped nana do her chores and then they went to Alison's house to watch the Texas Tech game. She took a short nap over there and saw her cousin Hunter. The good news is Reese is RASH free, her hand foot and mouth disease is all cleared up! I am so happy about that... But last night she acted like she was still hurting, she would not go to sleep... I tried tylenol 0.8 ml, walking her around, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, baby massage, tv, playtime, ect. Finally around 1 am she went to bed. She got up a few times in the night. Then at 7:30 am she wanted to play and I was just so tired... luckily nana came into the guest room and took Reese to play! Reese loves to sit up and play now, she also liked playing with plastic spoons today!!! Nana lets Reese play with anything she wants to play with. Chris gets home from hunting tommorrow.. and Haley! Chris is having a fun time at the deer lease with his dad, brother, cousin, ect. He said Haley is being a very good dog, so she can go to the deer lease again.


The Williams Family said...

The one thing I have learned is, it is all about them. We are on Hailey's schedule not ours.. The joys of being a parent

cristin steger said...

i know!!!! miss you tiffany!!!

Allison and Justin said...

Caroline is having trouble sleeping right now too. She used to just go right to sleep, but lately she is waking up screaming and not wanting to go into her bed.