Friday, November 28, 2008


Reese is with her nana and papa again today while I am at work and Chris is at the deer lease. She got to see her uncle Nate today and cousin Hunter. Then she just hung out at the house and watched nana do chores. She watched her baby einstein for 30 minutes straight. She slept 12 hours last night minus the 5 minutes I fed her at 3am. So yeah for Reese! I am staying at my mom's house untill Sunday when Chris and Haley return. This way I can see Reese at night and in the morning before I go back to work. I am going to have to pick up alot of shifts due to my trip to vegas and my love for online shopping.


Annamarie said...

Oh man, online shopping, it always gets you!!!

cristin steger said...


cristin steger said...

that is so funny... i can not stop my online habbits!!! lol