Thursday, November 27, 2008

reese's 1st thanksgiving

Reese is with her nana and papa today for Thanksgiving! I am working at frist choice er and her dad is at the deer lease with our lab Haley. We celebrated last night with the whole family. It was very good food and family time. Reese had her stage one pears and peas. We mix them with baby cereal and heat up for 10 seconds. Reese is very excited that Aunt Erin is pregnant with her first baby. We will find out the sex on December 13th in Austin, Texas. Reese is quite the little traveler... she has been to Dallas and Vegas! Reese is able to sit alone! She is very strong for her age, but rolling over is still hard for her. She loves to kiss and reach for things. Her two dogs make her laugh the most. I am very thankful for my beautiful baby, and hope all of yall have a great Thanksgiving. I will post pictures very soon.

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