Monday, November 17, 2008

reese is growing so big

hey! so i put some pictures of reese on the site today! they are from the last few months when i did not have a blog yet. she is 4 months old and she is a happy baby! she loves to eat, when i am making her bottle she will reach for it and cry if i take it away from her. she did start eating some cereal last week. she is not to sure of that! she drinks water sometimes and seems to like it! i worked this weekend and she had date night with daddy two nights in a row. they had tai food one night (well not reese). chris said reese loves to talk with the waitresses. today she is with allison mclarty my highschool friend. i am at work again. she loves allison and chad and should have a fun day. dad will get her around 4:00. reese is able to sit up and reach for things..

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