Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well Reese has been to the ER two times in her 4 months of life. This time she broke out in a rash on her feet and her hands, also some on her face, stomach, ect. My friend Mary Kathryn was watching her while I was working in the ER in Lake Jackson. When I got home I took her to the ER in Pearland. The doctor said it was foot and mouth infection. It is a viral infection so no treatments are available. It has to run it's course. I feel so sad for my baby. She is doing well though.


Allison and Justin said...

What else did she have to go to the ER for? That is scary!

cristin steger said...

she also had a fungal infection under her neck. it was really red and the skin looked bad, so i got her to the dr... they gave her nystatin ointment to clear it up!!!

cristin steger said...

her skin is very sensitive and she still has some redness under her neck. she has some neck rolls and milk can get in there and cause yeast/fungal infections..