Thursday, October 29, 2009

when will the phase be over?

Reese is in a "phase" where she is biting, hitting, and pinching. It is hard to let her play at her Lil gym class because if I leave her side she may bite someone. She also bites me! I do discipline her, it just doesn't seem to help. On the plus side she is also into hugs, kissing, and patting me. So after she does something bad she kisses me. Hoping the sweet side stays, and the mean side leaves!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Names, Names, Names

It is so hard to think of a baby name. The baby has this name forever.... I am so confused this time around and I am not able to fall in love with one name. I like about 20 names....
So, If you have any names you are not using send them my way. Our last name is Steger, and I have Reese Jacqueline Steger already!!! Reese is Chris's mom's last name and Jacqueline is my mom's first name. So this was an easy choice. Not so easy this time.
Here are some Favorites from today....
Boy- Cullen, Cole, Levi, Larson, and James----- any suggestions?
Girl- Kendall, Finley, Channing, and Taylor-----what do yall like??
They don't have to be on this list.
last week I liked, Porter, Carson, Kelson, Quinton, Campbell, Lily, Brecklyn

????? SO HARD

Saturday, October 24, 2009

12 teeth

Reese has 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth, now she has all 4 molars, top and bottom. They are all coming in. It looks like she may have 14 teeth by December!!! I see some white popping up near her bottom 4 front teeth. Just wanted to type this so I could remember to add it to her baby book! I have been really bad at scrap booking and doing her baby book.

the last 3 days

Thursday- Reese went to the ER for grunting. I was not sure if it was croup, constipation, or airway obstruction. She had some xrays, breathing rxs, flu swab, decadron, motrin, ect.
It was not her airway. Diagnosed with early croup, and gas.... Long day
Friday- Reese slammed her fingers in the door. They were swollen and bruised. Sad day.
Saturday- I am praying today goes well! I am at work, and hpoing Chris and Reese stay out of trouble!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

14 weeks

14 weeks and still having nausea... will post pics soon when I feel better

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Reese locked herself in the car today. She was with my mom and the cops had to come and get her out! The car was off, so they came quickly... Reese was hot and crying. She did not understand why Nana would not get her out of the car. I am just glad she is OK!!!!
On a bad note- my sidekick is not working, so I don't have a phone. AND I may lose all my contacts...AGHHH
On another bad note, Reese was up all night!!! I guess teething is very painful!
Hope everyone has a good Tuesday night. More posts to come...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

oct 9 2009

10-9-09 reese had her first pedicure and 1st haircut
I will post pics!!!
I am 13 weeks pregnant- so 3 months down!!!

15 months

Reese is 24 lbs, 32 or 33 inches tall (97 percentile), She did not like the shots at all!!
Reese is getting so big, she sleeps the night in her big girl bed (we took the front rail off). In the morning she comes into my room and says "hi" then "momma" It is so cute.
Chris and I went to a wedding last night and stayed in the westchase marriot! It was fun to have date night, Reese spent the night with nana and papa. She had a blast with them!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I was in the backyard yesterday and I was filling up the Haley's dog pool. Reese was playing in the grass. She started screaming and walking toward me. When I saw her feet I freaked out. She was covered in ANTS!!! I am the worst mom ever lol.... Poor REESEIE

Monday, October 5, 2009

12 weeks

I made it to 3 months! I am still having vomiting!!! No fun, poor Reese watched mommy get sick this am. She was really interested in the while thing. Then off to work for me to take care of vomiting patients which is no fun to a girl who is also sick. Praying the sickness is over at 13 weeks!