Saturday, January 31, 2009

no rsv

Reese saw the dr today and no rsv or ear infection!!! I thought she had an ear infection since she has been staying up in the night crying. Chris and I are not sleeping much!!!! Hope Reese gets better soon, it has been a long week...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

101.4 temp!

Reese has had congestion, sinus drainage, fever, and diarrhea since saturday! The diarrhea is gone, so I thought maybe she had a viral infection or maybe an ear infection. She had a temp of 101.4 this am (rectal) BUT she is acting fine, and eating well... so i am not worried about her too much. I will give if a few more days and hope it will just run its coarse... Reese hates tylenol and motrin she spits them out at me!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more on crawling

Reese has been crawling for a few weeks.. but it was not a typical crawl, she would use one foot as a way to get back to her bottom. But in the last few days she is doing the "normal crawl" and loving it. She can keep up with Hunter now!! Hunter is very fast though and very crazy with his crawling. Reese loves to pull on the door stops and reach for anything under the coffee table. I can not even leave her for 1 minute these days. A funny thing happened with Reese and Hunter yesterday, I left for 60 seconds to use the restroom and I heard the loudest scream from both babies. Hunter cries when I leave the room so I did not think much of it... they were safe in the pack and play. I come to find Reese lying on her back with Hunter standing on her abdomen trying to get out of the pack and play. The things that happen the second we turn our heads!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

2008 ford edge

i got a new car today!!!!! i have had my ford focus for nine years so it is a much needed car!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

44th president of the united states

Barack Obama became the first african american president of the United States of America today. I watched some of it this morning before work! I just pray the economy gets better!!!

home daycare

I get to meet my home daycare lady tommorrow... her name is "Turkey" I hope Reese likes her and it all works out! I am going at 9:30 am so I will keep yall posted!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

February- Nanny time

So, Alison and I had a heart to heart and we decided to stop watching each others kids. So now on my days off I will only have Reese. I will miss all my days with Hunter, But this will give me much needed time to do chores, ect. Alison found a nice Nanny and I found home day care for now... Hunter and Reese will miss each other but we will still spend time with Hunter and family!!! I pray our new childcare goes well and we do not regret our decision!!!! I love my Hunter and Reesie!!!!!

daddy caught Reese crawling on camera

Reese crawled today while I was at work... I missed her first big crawl, but Chris got it on tape. I hope she does it again soon. I am so so excited for her!!! She was so ready to be like Hunter.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alison watched Reese

While Aunt Alison was watching Reese and Hunter today, Reese crawled!!! I hope when I am home tomorrow with the babies she does it again!!! Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday so we will be celebrating at Gerri and Dean's home!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Reese is so strong

So I looked over at Reese today while I was getting ready for work and she had pulled herself up on her baby mirror and was standing. I could not believe this! She was so happy with her new trick. The minute I set her down she is in the crawling position and ready to go! On saturday she took a small "crawl step" at Aunt Kerrie's and one crawl step while at Ashlee's wedding shower. I think she will crawl by the time she is 7 months?!?!


Today we went to chick-fil-a for lunch! Reese and Hunter love french fries and ice cream!!! They can not sit still and love to grab for our drinks, straws, napkins, and anything in reach!!! Aunt Alison finds out the sex of her new baby Feb 7th! We are so excited to have another baby to add the the clan! Hunter and Reese are a handful, so we can not imagine how 3 babies will be!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

mary kathryn had her baby girl

So my friend had her sweet baby girl yesterday, Caroline Elizabeth Aston! Reese, Hunter, Alison, and I all went to the Women's Hopsital to see them this morning. It was rainy and I sat in traffic for a long time. Thank goodness Reese was asleep, she hates the carseat and stroller! Alison went to her 14 week check up and she will find the sex of the baby on Feb 7, 2009!!! I am so excited, I really think she will have a girl! She thinks it will be another boy! Hunter will like either one!!! So Reese will be 6 months in 2 days! She is getting so old! She loves gerber snacks, especially the ones that melt in her mouth, she loves baths, showers, standing, pancakes, playing with any type of cord (she is monitored)! I am off on thursday and we go and see Dr.Injac and baby Caroline. I will post pictures!