Sunday, January 18, 2009

February- Nanny time

So, Alison and I had a heart to heart and we decided to stop watching each others kids. So now on my days off I will only have Reese. I will miss all my days with Hunter, But this will give me much needed time to do chores, ect. Alison found a nice Nanny and I found home day care for now... Hunter and Reese will miss each other but we will still spend time with Hunter and family!!! I pray our new childcare goes well and we do not regret our decision!!!! I love my Hunter and Reesie!!!!!


The Williams Family said...

I have a lady that watches Hailey in her house!! And it has been going very well.

The Galindo Family said...

thanks. i actually found some at babies r us but if i need some more i will probably get them there!