Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more on crawling

Reese has been crawling for a few weeks.. but it was not a typical crawl, she would use one foot as a way to get back to her bottom. But in the last few days she is doing the "normal crawl" and loving it. She can keep up with Hunter now!! Hunter is very fast though and very crazy with his crawling. Reese loves to pull on the door stops and reach for anything under the coffee table. I can not even leave her for 1 minute these days. A funny thing happened with Reese and Hunter yesterday, I left for 60 seconds to use the restroom and I heard the loudest scream from both babies. Hunter cries when I leave the room so I did not think much of it... they were safe in the pack and play. I come to find Reese lying on her back with Hunter standing on her abdomen trying to get out of the pack and play. The things that happen the second we turn our heads!!!

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