Tuesday, January 6, 2009

mary kathryn had her baby girl

So my friend had her sweet baby girl yesterday, Caroline Elizabeth Aston! Reese, Hunter, Alison, and I all went to the Women's Hopsital to see them this morning. It was rainy and I sat in traffic for a long time. Thank goodness Reese was asleep, she hates the carseat and stroller! Alison went to her 14 week check up and she will find the sex of the baby on Feb 7, 2009!!! I am so excited, I really think she will have a girl! She thinks it will be another boy! Hunter will like either one!!! So Reese will be 6 months in 2 days! She is getting so old! She loves gerber snacks, especially the ones that melt in her mouth, she loves baths, showers, standing, pancakes, playing with any type of cord (she is monitored)! I am off on thursday and we go and see Dr.Injac and baby Caroline. I will post pictures!

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