Monday, January 12, 2009


Today we went to chick-fil-a for lunch! Reese and Hunter love french fries and ice cream!!! They can not sit still and love to grab for our drinks, straws, napkins, and anything in reach!!! Aunt Alison finds out the sex of her new baby Feb 7th! We are so excited to have another baby to add the the clan! Hunter and Reese are a handful, so we can not imagine how 3 babies will be!


Allison and Justin said...

You need to post some new pics. Give us the update from the doctor as well. I love to see how Reese is growing compared to Caroline because they were born on the same day.
I get Caroline's clothes everywhere...Gap, Target, Old Navy, Dillards, also Justin's mom finds bits and pieces and makes them cuter by adding stuff to them.
I get her bows online a can look on ebay or etsy or just different sites. Today I even made her two bows. I burned myself about a million times with the glue gun though.
Have a great day.

cristin steger said...

she is 18 lbs 4 oz!!!!