Saturday, April 25, 2009

limo ride for reese

Reese got to ride in her second limo last night. The limo picked us up at 7pm and we drove around and went to eat at don pico's for Carmen's birthday! She loves the lights inside the limo. What a fun night and memory. On a sad note I read Kayleigh's blog and she is not doing well. I am heartbroken for the family, she is Reese's age. Pray for them, and pray for Chris' family! His grandma is sick as well.... love ya mean it


Allison said...

Yes, that is sad about Kayleigh. I HATE reading things like that. I try to stay away from blogs like that, although I need to know it is reality and pray. Is that really Shaq or just a poster? I am impressed if it is really him. Sounds like Reese had a first class evening.

Allison said...

He looks real, I was almost sure he was due to his sweat stains and cord from his ipod, or whatever. I just had to make sure. He is huge and scary looking. You look fine. Does he live in Houston?