Saturday, February 14, 2009

last night

Reese was up in the night coughing... she only coughs at night. She is perfectly healthy during the day and then at night she becomes sick... Not only did Reese have a bad night I did too!!! It all started when I got in the car and drove to the gas station to get a lottery ticket (i never play), and candy!!! I got twizzlers and sour patch kids, when I was eating the sour patch kids my crown came off of my upper right bicuspid!! I freaked out b.c you could totally see that I was missing a tooth, and I called all my dentists! I finally got one to meet me on sat to cement the tooth back in. I am happy to have my tooth back in, BUT now it feels loose... I read online they should not feel loose. So I am worried again, I will be back at the dentist on Monday. I may be getting another root canal this month... On a happy note Chris sent me beautiful roses to work, with more candy!!! I love my husband and baby, I do not like dental issues...

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