Friday, February 6, 2009

austin, texas

We just got home from the Hyatt Regency on town lake in Austin, Texas! We arrived Tuesday and left Friday. Reese got to eat a bite of a cupcake from this cute store on South Congress. Reese went to Doc's Burgers, Trudy's, Texas Roadhouse, ect! We loved Austin! Chris had to be there for a technology conference for his school. He learned some cool stuff, and got "free" pens, bags, ect! So today is Reese's 3rd day at her daycare, she is doing really well with her new teacher "turkey". The last update is that Alison and Nathan find out the sex of their baby tonight!!! I will post as soon as I know! I GUESS GIRL>>> so we will see if I am right???!?!?!?

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