Wednesday, February 29, 2012

first go cart

2-26-12 corbin got to go on his first go-cart ride at zuma, he seemed a little scared so mommy drove slow! reese and daddy lapped us at least 3 times. the kids then got to play putt putt golf, which was very fun as well!
2-27-12 corbin and reese went to play with their friend ian in freeport, texas! all the kids had pizza and jumped on the trampoline. next, we went to hopper field to watch daddy coach. chris is head track coach for the boys team. the kids loved it!!! a little cold to say the least!
2-28-12 no biting at school today for corbin (thank goodness)
2-29-12 no biting at school!!!! yeah!!!! and happy leap year! love ya mean it- steger family

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