Friday, September 16, 2011

corbin 17 months reese still 3

Corbin is getting cuter and cuter each day! He loves to say whatever I say. He can say - yellow, corbin, sissy, bye bye, hi dada, moma, nana, ball, waffle, and a few more words! I miss him this week, today was his 5th day in a row of daycare. He cried when I left 4 out of 5 this week. So, he is definitely still a mommy's boy! He goes to sleep in his crib very well each night, and he loves to dance and play outside!
Reese just went to the dentist with me and she has no cavities! She is getting sweeter and sweeter as she gets older. She loves to hug me and tell me "your ok mom" (mind you I am not sad when she does this) She loves her gym class and got a cute new leotard to wear. Reese is a tall lil girl and very smart for her age!

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