Tuesday, January 12, 2010

18 months

Reese pooped on the toilet the other night! She has gone pee pee on the potty, but never poo poo. We were so proud of her! At her 18 month old check up we found out she has eczema. I was wondering what the dry patches were. She was also placed on omnicef for a double ear infection which has been keeping us up at night.
her new stats-
weight- 25 lbs-- 65 percent
height- 35 inches-- off the chart {she is almost 3 feet at 1 1/2 years old}
head- 19 inches-- 90 percent

As for me I am 26 weeks, and all is good! My 40 week due date is April 21, 2010!!!


Anonymous said...

She is going to be such a tall, pretty little girl!!! Yay Reese for pooping on the potty!!

Allison said...

Ha! I just posted about Caroline using her new potty.