Thursday, December 10, 2009

17 months old!

Reese is my 17 month old baby girl. Life is so much fun with her! She is into everything, this morning she helped me fill the dog bowls. She gets a cup and goes to the ozarka machine, fills the cup with out spilling it, and brings it to the dog bowl and carefully pours it in. It is so cute. She then gives Haley and Princeton each a treat. She enjoys her puppies so much. She loves all the dogs at her daycare as well. She always goes to my bathroom and gets out the lotion and twists off the top, and places her fingers in it, and spreads it all over herself. (sometimes on her clothes as well) She loves chap stick, and puts it on each morning. She can also put her pants on, and put her socks and shoes on! She is such a big girl!

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Katie said...

I love that she is into chapstick and lotion...reminds me of her momma!