Thursday, October 29, 2009

when will the phase be over?

Reese is in a "phase" where she is biting, hitting, and pinching. It is hard to let her play at her Lil gym class because if I leave her side she may bite someone. She also bites me! I do discipline her, it just doesn't seem to help. On the plus side she is also into hugs, kissing, and patting me. So after she does something bad she kisses me. Hoping the sweet side stays, and the mean side leaves!!


The Q. Family said...

Hey C, Collin started that around 19/20 months and we're still working on it. He just has astrong, "alpha male" or Type A personality. We do LOTS of "positive modeling." If he hits Mike or I, then of course we say "no hitting- if you want daddy's attention, give him a hug." Then we praise him if he gives daddy a hug. We also show how Elmo touches the other stuffed animals softly, etc. And we do time outs if he ever hits or hurts another child. Good luck!

HILER said...

Jackson is an occasional biter too. It's so annoying because I know he learned it at school. He used to get bit all the time last year and then one day he started fighting back. It's so embarrassing, but we too use positive modeling and we always say "we don't bite our friends, we only bite food." Now when can ask him "what can we bite?" and he'll say "eat." He doesn't quite have food down yet, lol! Good luck and let me know if you find any other strategies we could try.