Saturday, August 15, 2009

nana and reese day

I am working today and Chris has football all day... So Reese got to play with her Nana Jacquie today. We met her at Outdoor world, Reese loves the big fish tank. She saw a hat, and I said say "hat" and she was like "haat". It was so cool. Then Reese went with Nana to her classroom to decorate for school. Now they are at my house eating and playing with toys. The cool thing about today was she did not cry when I left her, instead she waved bye bye to mommy! On another fun note, my neighbor started back on the radio today... hot 95.7 and she gave me a shout out at work!!! Fun Saturday!! Love ya Mean It!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That is an exciting Saturday!! Maybe Carmen will invite you to all the fun radio parties! I'll totally come with! Hehe!