Monday, December 29, 2008

2 bottom teeth

reese has her two bottom teeth in, i can not believe it! she is growing so fast. she ate applesause and sweet potatoes this am, with some gerber snacks!!! then on my way to work my car broke down... i guess i need a new one!

Friday, December 26, 2008

2006 christmas my niece and nephew

santa hat

chris, haley, reese, princeton, cristin

over christmas holiday

reese learned to stand with help, get into crawling position, laugh at toys, roll over better, sit up in the bath tub, open presents, eat paper, place food in her mouth from her tray, and many more things. it is so fun to watch her grow, we are so thankful for our baby reese!

kaleb mathew steger my nephew

reese learned to rollover and get in crawling position

grandmother and papaw

steger boy's with their baby girl's


we celebrated with the johansen's, steger's, and reesing's... then we had our christmas... and on the 28th we have the aylmer's

some of the grandkids... missing hollis and tyler

our family

our goddaughter cameron steger

Monday, December 22, 2008

apple juice and french fries

reese loves to eat... today she had chick-fil-a french fries, a gerber snack, bananas, apple sauce, oatmeal, and apple juice with water!!!! we had a good, fun, relaxing family day!!! reese is able to roll over, sit up, and play by herself!!!! we are excited about christmas and all the family gatherings!!!!!!

cameron and reese steger

i saw mommy kissing santa claus

our family of three

chris as santa

nana and papa

hunter, reese, and cheyan

my family

jeni, court, me, kt, and reese

gray, ava, grace, reese, and hunter

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a GIRL

My cousin Erin had her "find the sex of the baby party" AND it is CALLIE MICHAELE TESS!!! Another girl for the Johansen family. My grandma has Reese, Hunter, Cheyan, and now Callie... so 3 girls and 1 boy... I wonder what Alison will have... I am guessing GIRL!!!!
I guessed girl for Alison--- she had boy
I guessed boy for me-------- I had girl
I guessed boy for Erin------ she had girl
SO, I am not good at guessing!!!!

panera bread

Reese and Hunter went to Panera Bread today with me and Aunt Alison. They both enjoyed looking around at all the people and eating bread. Reese drank 8 oz of milk, she has been extra hungry. She is waking up more at night because she is teething!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

alison is pregnant

My lil sister is pregnant with another baby! I love my sweet Hunter and I can not wait to meet my next niece or nephew!!! DUE on Reese's birthday!!!! JULY 8th

sex of erin's baby

We drive to Austin in the morning to find out the sex of Erin's baby!! (she is my cousin) I will post tomorrow!! The name will be Connor or Callie!!!! I am super super excited about this... She is having a find out the sex party. You wear pink if it's a girl and blue if you think it is a boy! I am always wrong at these parties, for example at Alison's I wore pink and mine I wore blue!!

reese loves bread

Today while I got ready for work I gave Reese a piece of bread! She loved it, and made a big mess. She hung out with her nana and aunt Alison today and did some last minute Christmas shopping! Reese got some cute new pediped silver shoes. My mom said she needs to start wearing shoes more. She has been up more than usual the last two nights beacuse she is teething. So her mommy is very sleepy, hopefully I will get home before 11pm tonight!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I just found out my mom and my nephew Hunter were in a wreck. They are ok, thank God! My mom's car was towed and she will get her rental car tomorrow! I feel so happy that nothing happened to my precious Hunter and my wonderful Mom!!!

reese got her first tooth at 5 months

On Sunday I noticied Reese was cranky and drooling more than normal. Sure enough her bottom left front tooth is coming in! Today you can see it! I can not believe my baby has a tooth! SHe is with her nana, Hunter, MK, and Teresa today. She is having fun playing! We went to my good friends party yesterday in Richmond, Gray turned 2!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

5 months

Reese is 5 months old today! I am headed out to work 7-7 but I will post her 5 month pics tonight hopefully. She ate greenbeans, bananas, a cracker, a melt a way, and a french fry! She loves to eat, talk, play, sit!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008


I am tired after my night at memorial city, but it was fun to help out! I heard Reese was cranky today at mother's day out, poor baby! She is with Alison now then she will hang out with my neighbor! Daddy and Reese will be going on a date tonight, they love to eat out!!! I can not wait for the weekend so I can hang out with my husband and baby, and my 2 dogs!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

i am sleeping away from Reese

After work tonight-(I am off at 10ish) I am driving to stay with a dear friend's family member in the hospital as a private nurse. Then I will wake up go to my baby and then back to my other job! Life is crazy as usual! Tonight my wonderful husband and sweet daughter brought me dinner at work! Life is crazy but SWEET!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

reese loves her mommy

Reese came to work today with her mommy!! She got to see the morning routine that I do, which involves lab controls, narcotic checks, crash cart checks, ect. My friend at work wanted to hold Reese so I handed my baby over, and she started crying so loud with real tears. She knows who her mommy is now! She is a really happy little girl and loves to laugh and smile! She spent the day with Mary Kathryn, Aunt Alison, and Hunter. She is spending the night with her daddy and two dogs! I miss Reese while at work... She has lil gym tomorrow at 10:15 in Pearland!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

me and my baby!!!!


i'm thankful

hunter's first thanksgiving

i love thanksgiving time! i ate applesause!!!

my first thanksgiving!!!!

my best friend allisyn! hudson, hunter, and reese

cute kids

3 babies


our precious girl

mommy and me

reese loves the mirror the hotel

we look alike

family of three