Friday, December 5, 2008


I am tired after my night at memorial city, but it was fun to help out! I heard Reese was cranky today at mother's day out, poor baby! She is with Alison now then she will hang out with my neighbor! Daddy and Reese will be going on a date tonight, they love to eat out!!! I can not wait for the weekend so I can hang out with my husband and baby, and my 2 dogs!!!


Holly and Brad said...

Cristin you are supermom! I can't believe you and Ali working so hard AND being moms to infants. Do you ever get a chance to breathe?

We are actually in Round Rock, just north of Austin. Don't you have family up here? The next time you guys come up to Austin you will HAVE to come see us.

Hopefully I will be coming to Houston soon (my parents still live in Katy) and I would love to see you and Ali. I will let you guys know when I'm coming! It would be so much a circus with all of our kids :)

cristin steger said...

we are coming sat